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GKA Werndorf

Construction of a district heating gas boiler plant in Neudorf ob Wildon, Austria. Purpose of the plant is to secure the district heat supply in the southern grid area of the city of Graz. The plant with three boilers will have a fuel heat output of 97.5 MWth at full load. The thermal efficiency of the state of the art plant will be within the range of 95% over the entire load range. Thus, the plant will have a thermal useful power of at least 92.6 MWth.

Services provided: 
  • Basic 3D design (Aveva E3D) of hot water piping, exhaust gas lines, recirculation lines 
  • Equipment modelling and optimizing positions of boiler, district heating pumps, filters, heat exchanger incl. foundation
  • Basic electrical design (Aveva E3D): positioning racks in LV main distribution room and control room, positioning transformers and I&C equipment, positioning racks of firing in boiler house
  • Checking of vendor drawings and recommending required modifications
Key data
  • Three (3) boilers with a nominal heat power per boiler of approx. 30.8 MW and fuel heat output per boiler of approx. 32.5 MW
  • Total plant fuel heat output : 97.5 MW
  • Plant overall efficiency: ≥ 95%
  • District heating pumps (supply and return), mixing pumps, economizer pumps
  • Fresh air blower dry transformers, medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, uninterruptible power supply, frequency converters, measuring instruments, boiler control, process control system

Time period: 2017